Little Tiger Taekwondo

Are you a parent who wants to make your preschooler a Taekwondo champion and looking for the finest preschooler martial arts program? If yes, then you’re at the right place. We’ve designed the best preschool martial arts classes to foster your child’s physical and mental growth. 

We aim to turn your preschooler into a Taekwondo champion and help them thrive in every way. Your child can get the best lessons in respect, focus, and confidence through our Little Tigers Taekwondo program for kids aged 3 to 5.

Make Your Toddler Stronger Every Day with a Preschool Martial Art Program

Our preschool martial arts program helps your child grow into a great martial champion. We’ve produced some of the top black belts through our self-defense training. So, when your child enrolls in our classes, they can become the next black belt in Taekwondo, too.

Train With the Best at Empower Taekwondo Centre LLC

Discover the most skilled instructors for your children at Empower Taekwondo Centre LLC. All our instructors are knowledgeable about young students’ needs and experts in handling them. With the help of our Little Tigers Taekwondo program, your kid can develop marvelously. The physical and mental development of your munchkin will undoubtedly make you pleased. Our program offers:

  • Growth of Vital Motor Skills 
  • High-Intensity Fun 
  • Patient and Experienced Teachers 
  • Two Stages of Training to Support Constant Improvement

Train Your Preschool Like a Warrior with Little Tigers Taekwondo Program

Your child can take part in the preschool martial arts program offered by Empower Taekwondo Centre LLC. We have a 30-minute martial arts class where children between 3 to 5 years can pick up the most valuable lessons. The martial arts program for preschoolers offers an introduction to:

  • Martial arts techniques
  • Coordination 
  • Focus 
  • Group engagement 

Your precious one will surely leave us smiling and self-assured after learning the fundamentals of martial arts.

Find Perfect Kick for Your Kid with Preschool Martial Art Program

We provide a top-notch program to help your child develop their skills from preschool to kindergarten. Once done with the initial training, your kid can take part in the next level of the program called Advanced Little Tigers. 

Children participate in the 40-minute lessons in this program to develop their perseverance and attention span. At this level, learning martial arts techniques is essential. Your child can learn to strike a balance between enjoyment, attentiveness, and self-control. Students who start their martial arts training with us can excel in their black belt training. 

Are Your Munchkin Ready to Join Our Program?

Empower Taekwondo Center LLC is always prepared to enhance your child’s martial arts training by providing the best preschool martial arts program. We make everything convenient for your family by offering the program three days a week.

Join us right now so that your child can begin the journey to black belt brilliance with the help of our highly qualified coaches. We also offer outstanding children and teen martial arts lessons in the town.

Upcoming Sessions

Every Tuesday & Thursday

 4:00 P.M. – 4:20 P.M. 

20 min

Master Eddie Jeong

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